Thursday, 12 May 2011

How He Do In...

All good things come to those who wait, so here trickles through the first batch of snaps from our roving reporter, the Big Egg himself and his trip across the pond earlier this year. Someone should have warned them.


I was only staying round the corner from Greenwood cemetery so I went to pay my respects to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Chicken, egg, chicken, egg

Keith Haring mural at Carmine Street (scenes from “Raging Bull” were filmed at this pool, cheers to Ricky Powell for that fact)

Myself and Ricky Powell the lazy hustler, bummy sophisticate and photographer extraordinaire. Check Ricky’s website for more photos

aNYthing store, check them out here

Kenny Scharf mural Houston Street

I wandered past this on my way to my appointment for a tattoo, time was against me but I had to get a few pictures. I made my appointment just about on time and was happily showing my tattooist the pictures when he casually informed me that his girlfriends Grandmother was a friend and contemporary of Picasso, and they had inherited a few pieces. If any NYC readers fancy some ink I can’t speak highly enough of
They are currently working out of their sister shop . Now I don’t want to sound to much like a plank, but it’s a beautiful looking and smelling shop and certainly the nicest environment in which I have been tattooed, in case you are wondering the worst was the night before in a bong shop on 6th Avenue (I only know because I found the receipt the next day). Anyway have a look at Love Adorned

Vito hard at work in White Star, if you spend too long in there everything starts to look like this…

5 day visit 2 meals, this was one of them. I wish I took a photo of the falafel…

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